Whether you use Act! CRM just as it is ‘out of the box’ or want to change the way it looks and functions, New Ideas Consulting offers a full range of consulting services designed to help you use Act! the way YOU want to. Increase your productivity and MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS! With 30 years of technical experience and certified by the makers of Act! for the past 20 years, we can assist you in determining what consulting services will best meet your needs and budget.  Contact us!

Installation and Conversion Assistance
Act! Growth Suite versions have hundreds of great new enhancements that you will want to take advantage of when installing for the first time or upgrading from a previous version. We can help you avoid known installation and setup problems and get you up and running quickly and efficiently.  If your contact data exists in an accounting system, Outlook or Excel, we can assist in transferring the data into Act!.

Customization and Database Design
​If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then our customization services designed to implement the many advanced features may be the answer.

  • Do you have data in Excel, Outlook or other sources that you would like to import into your Act! database?

  • Would you like to track more information about your clients and prospects by changing the current fields and the way they appear?

  • Do you need to add new fields to the database to record additional data about each client or prospect?

  • Would you like to maximize data integrity and decrease data entry by customizing the field drop-downs?

  • Did you know you could save precious administration time by creating Word Templates for all of your printed correspondence including letters, quotes, proposals, labels and envelopes (Act!)?

  • Do you wish you could quickly communicate with your contacts using colorful e-mails with your logo and other graphics?

  • Do you currently have a sales process or method and need help setting it up in Act! so that you can instantly generate activity, sales and forecast reports?

  • When you run the reports, do you wish you could see more information or maybe remove some data that isn’t important

Mobile Options
There are a number of ways to access your Act! data on your phone/Ipad/pc. The best solution for you depends upon your device, your subscription/deployment method and version of Act!  Contact us to find out more information about how you can mobilize your business.