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We are here to help you get started with Act! or simply resolve your problems so you can work more effectively.

Serving the Colorado, Kansas, Montana & Wyoming and across the USA, we have over 30 years of technology experience and we understand the need for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in todays’ business environment.

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We offer Act! consulting service
focused on turning your IDEAS into ACTION!

Are you looking to…..
Maximize productivity and resources?
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Let us help you unleash the Power of Act! in your business!
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What They Say About Us

Time is Money

Tamara is our go-to person for ACT! related issues. Time is money, and her help has saved us a lot of it. If you’ve got an ACT! related problem or just want things to run more efficiently, call her.

Jim DeShayes, CExP, CVB, CBI

Colorado Business Exchange
The Walker Firm

Solves Act! issues

I am constantly refining how I use the Act! software in my practice and this results in needing her help. Tamara literally always solves any issue and I would heartily recommend her services.

Kerry Walker

The Walker Firm

always goes above and beyond

Tamara has helped me for over a decade and is consistent, available, effective and sweet. She always goes above and beyond to be sure I am taken care of. She has been my savior more times than I can remember. I highly recommend her!

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones Coaching
Law office O'Toole & Sbarbaro P.C.

knows all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of Act

The Law Office of O’Toole & Sbarbaro, PC is pleased to recommend Tamara Phillips and New Ideas Consulting for all aspects of your ACT! functionality. Recognized as one of the leading ACT! experts in the country, Tamara knows all of the “ins” and “outs” of ACT!​


Law Office of O'Toole & Sbarbaro, PC


I’m sure I could not run my business without Act

I have been an ACT user for nearly 20 years. It is the critical piece of software I use in running my insurance brokerage. At any one time, I absolutely must have immediate access to information on each client including proposals, contracts, applications and a myriad of other vital files. Tamara understands this and has never failed to respond with a timely answer, always fixing whatever the issue I’ve created or need her help with. It is fair to say, she has saved my ‘bacon’ more than once.  I really do feel she cares about me and my business. I truly cannot offer a greater recommendation.


Keith Taylor, MBA

Health Insurance Advocates

Quick, efficient and cost savings!

For the past 10 or so years, although ACT is pretty simple to do 90% of what you want, when I get myself in a pickle I have called Tamara – usually in a panic – and she gets me straightened out. Quick, efficient and cost savings! I can heartily recommend this product and Tamara for support!

  Anita Adam

Owner, 2nd Time Sports
Saulsbury Hill Financial

has always solved my issues

I will unequivocally recommend Tamara’s services as an ACT consultant. I have been using her for about 10 years and she has always been there for me and has ALWAYS solved my issues. If you’re an Act! user or thinking of becoming one, Tamara and NEW IDEAS CONSULTING will make your experience great!

David Clamage

Saulbury Hill Financial LLC