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We are here to help you get started with Act! or simply resolve your problems so you can work more effectively.

Serving the Colorado, Kansas, Montana & Wyoming and across the USA, we have over 30 years of technology experience and we understand the need for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in todays’ business environment. If you are a sole proprietor, the owner of a small business, or a member of a large sales team, Act! can provide the power you need to improve your business operations and quickly expand your sales and marketing efforts.   


Our Vision

We offer Act! consulting services
focused on turning your IDEAS into ACTION!

Are you looking to…..
Maximize productivity and resources?
Improve your business operations?
Organize your CRM system?
Expand and mobilize your sales and marketing efforts?

Let us help you unleash the Power of Act! in your business!

Act! Growth Suite – CRM + Marketing Automation

Act! Growth Suite campaign designer
CRM + Marketing Automation built for small & mid-sized business success
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Maximize. Organize. Mobilize.
What we can do for you

Technical Support

We can help you solve the problem quickly and allow you and your organization to get back to work.

Customization Services

Whether you use Act! Growth Suite just as it is ‘out of the box’ or want to change the way it looks and functions, New Ideas Consulting offers a full range of consulting services designed to help you use Act! the way YOU want to. Increase your productivity and MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS! With 30 years of technical experience and certified by the makers of Act! for the past 20 years, we can assist you in determining what consulting services will best meet your needs and budget.


Our personalized training sessions are designed to get you comfortable and using the great features of Act! immediately.

What They Say About Us

Colorado Business Exchange

“It is essential for a small business to have someone to call when you are frustrated with a problem or have a question about how to make things work.  Tamara is our go-to person for ACT! related issues.  Her advice on creating reports, and designing processes to meet our needs has been invaluable.  Time is money, and her help has saved us a lot of it.  If you’ve got an ACT! related problem, or just want things to run more efficiently, call her.  You’ll be glad you did.”   Jim DeShayes, CExP, CVB, CBI

Tamara is our go-to-person….

Colorado Business Exchange

“I am a new small business owner who inherited a version of ACT! from the year 2000 on an old desktop computer that contained my important customer database.  I was directed to Tamara for an emergency situation after a power failure in my home caused the program to crash. Tamara made time for me with very little notice.

In less than an hour, she found the correct database I was looking for amongst a tangled web of old and useless files with no order to them.  She reorganized the database and made it more searchable for the future.  I am now back up and running thanks to Tamara. Her extensive knowledge of ACT! and computers in general was very apparent and reassuring.  I would recommend her services to anyone! ”  Mike M.

Her extensive knowledge of Act! and computers….


“I have been an ACT user for nearly 20 years. It is the critical piece of software I use in running my insurance brokerage. At any one time, I have over 600 active clients and countless numbers of other contacts. I absolutely must have immediate access to information on each client including proposals, contracts, applications and a myriad of other vital files. These files must be accessed by myself and others in the office. I also need access to this information while mobile. ACT has consistently met my needs. I’m sure I could not run my business without ACT.

Occasionally I find a need for assistance with ACT and for that I don’t hesitate to call Tamara. I am relatively computer illiterate; however, I must be application knowledgeable. Tamara understands this and has never failed to respond with a timely answer, always fixing whatever the issue I’ve created or need her help with.  It is fair to say, she has saved my ‘bacon’ more than once.  I really do feel she cares about me and my business. I truly cannot offer a greater recommendation. As I have told her often. Tamara is spectacular.”  Keith Taylor, MBA

Tamara cares about me and my business….

Health Insurance Advocates

Law office O'Toole & Sbarbaro P.C.

“The Law Office of O’Toole & Sbarbaro, PC is pleased to recommend Tamara Traylor and New Ideas Consulting for all aspects of your ACT! functionality.  Recognized as one of the leading ACT! experts in the country, Tamara knows all of the “ins” and “outs” of ACT!

We consider Tamara and New Ideas Consulting an integral part of our team.  Since 2012, Tamara has assisted us with everything from customized column creation to finding solutions for “bugs” and “glitches”.  Her expertise is unparalleled! 

In early 2016 we experienced a fatal server crash that resulted in the loss of much of our ACT! data.  Tamara and her team at New Ideas Consulting worked closely with our IT vendor, and were able to find and restore the lost ACT! data from the firm backup tapes.  The successful recovery of our data would not have been possible without the expertise of Tamara and the New Ideas Consulting team.  Tamara and her team are simply the best, period!” Law Office of O’Toole & Sbarbaro, P.C.

Tamara knows all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of Act!….

Law Office of O'Toole & Sbarbaro, P.C.


“Tamara has helped me for over a decade and is consistent, available, effective and sweet.  She always goes above and beyond to be sure I am taken care of. She has been my savior more times than I can remember. I highly recommend her!”   Leslie Jones, Leslie Jones Coaching

…has been my saviour

Leslie Jones Coaching

The Walker Firm

“I have been an ACT user since 1990 so my business would not function without it.  Since ACT is such a versatile tool, it is vital to have an ACT specialist who can help with getting the most out of the software for your individual needs and Tamara has helped me since 2008.  I am constantly refining how I use the software in my practice and this results in needing her help.  She literally always solves any issue and I would heartily recommend her services.”  Kerry Walker, The Walker Firm

Act! is a vital tool…..

The Walker Firm

Saulsbury Hill Financial

“We live in a time when there is NO customer service.  We have people that won’t listen to our issues; computers that transfer us through endless branches of decision trees; and, worse.  And then we have Tamara Phillips.  I’ve been an ACT! user since 1999 and her attention to detail and value add are top notch.  She’s always looking for add-ins and fixes to make my ACT! experience efficient, productive and affordable and she’s great to work with.  She’s head and shoulders above SWIFTPAGE in helping your get more work done with your ACT! CRM. If you’re an ACT! user or thinking of becoming one, Tamara and NEW IDEAS CONSULTING will make your experience great!”  David J. Clamage, Saulsbury Hill Financial LLC

…..Tamara’s attention to detail and value add are top notch

Saulsbury Hill Financial

TLC Brokers

“First of all, I will unequivocally recommend Tamara’s services as an ACT consultant.  I have been using her for about 10 years and she has always been there for me and has ALWAYS solved my issues. I have been using ACT since it first came out in around mid-1980’s.   It has become a ‘must have’ tool for keeping track of my contacts (and family).  I have recently started using Act! on the Cloud and it is fantastic.​

Favorite Functions: 

1. The ability to sort and create special lists of names/addresses…..this seems to be unlimited.

2. The ability to schedule repetitive functions.

3. Integrated word processor for writing letters.

4. The ability to design my own templates especially the ‘contact’ template

I cannot do without any of these functions.

Before ACT (i.e., about 1986). I was using a program that was a simple database that let me easily create labels for my mailing program. I think it was called ArcInfo. A colleague showed me ACT one day and I immediately switched. I have a 3-person real estate team and as of the first of 2017 the other 2 have decided to start using ACT since it is now on the cloud and we can easily sync our contacts, notes, schedules, etc.”    Walt Whatley, Owner/Broker

…..Tamara has ALWAYS solved my issues


“I am an original ACT user, from the 1stAct floppy days – still have it.  I am now a 2016 user.

Throughout my sales life, ACT has been invaluable for me to keep track of just about EVERYTHING, business & personal.

Now we have a sports store and I do team & league uniforms, fundraisers, etc.  My need to have it to keep me up to date with who is active, what I need to do, when important dates they have, etc.   I love that a customer will call and I can look at my notes to see what we talked about last and what my task list is for them.

For the past 7 or so years, although ACT is pretty simple to do 90% of what you want, when I get myself in a pickle I have called Tamara – usually in a panic – and she gets me straightened out.  Quick, efficient and cost savings!

I can heartily recommend this product and Tamara for support!”    Anita Adam, Owner

Recommend Tamara and Act!