For over 30 years, users of Act! have been able to mail merge text documents with some images with varied success, either in print or email format, to their contacts.

Swiftpage just released v22 Act! Growth Suite, a sales and marketing system which integrates Act! CRM with built-in email Marketing Automation.

Using the easy to use HTML drag and drop template editor, eye-catching email templates can be created within Act! Marketing Automation and delivered via simple Campaigns or complex Drip Marketing. In addition, those who have their database hosted in the cloud may send those templates to individual contacts. This is a great resource for sales reps and others who do not have access to the Marketing Automation design features.

Users simply look up the contact whom they would like to send an email to, select a template that has been shared with them, enter the E-mail subject and click Send. Easy as that! The email gets recorded in the contact’s History Tab so everyone can see what the contact has received from the company.

Can you use some automation in your daily work flow? Contact us for a demo to see how we can get you automating!