It can be hard to pass up FREE plugins! These little apps can help you be more productive, and in many cases, can solve annoying Act! problems. Here is a list, feel free to peruse!



The Keystroke Welcome Kit is a powerful suite of Act! utilities that we’ve bundled together within one setup program to help you Act better, right out of the gate. It’s just one of the benefits of Keystroke membership.

Koncatenator – concatenates 2 field values and puts them in a 3rd field.

SQL Manager – Act! requires Sql Server to be started to open your database, this add-on puts SQL Stop/Start controls on the Act! menu

MultiSearch – simple utility that allows you to search for contacts from a list of values from any field

Layout Switcher -Now you can free up the biggest space waster on your toolbar by deleting the layout selector, and allowing room for more Act accessories without causing the toolbar to spill into a second row.

Activity Re-Assigner – Use this utility to select multiple tasks and reassign to another user

OppHistory4Act! – Use this tool when you create a History record for an Opportunity, it will automatically link that History to the Contact (or Contacts, if more than one) that are attached to that Opportunity.

Oppdater – The Oppdater is the perfect Act accessory for users that manage and update lots of Opportunities. The Oppdater allows you to apply mass changes to all Opportunities in lookup to change the Status, Process, and State all at once

Append to Field – This plugin enables users to “add” data to any character field and is useful if the existing data in that field is different for each contact

Free Email App -Qmail is a handy email utility that is built into Act4outlook that allows you to send one-off emails to Outlook, or any other email client that you have selected as your default email program, while recording it reliably to Act! History. Act4Outlook integration plug-in required.

User Activity Deleter – A simple utility allows you to select any user and delete all their activities. You can also choose to delete only cleared activities.

Keystroke Support Plugin: Access Keystroke support plan options right from within Act!, as well as our online chat service. You can even submit a service request! 

The Outlook Contact Deleter is a free utility that helps clear out years of old contacts in Outlook that have become too numerous to easily delete. Our initial test with this tool was on an Outlook contact list of over 67,000 contacts, and it run through it perfectly. It is recommended you copy the current Contacts folder in Outlook by right-clicking the folder and selecting Copy.


Gmail account button

Bulk Company Linked Fields Update Utility

Outlook Contacts Add-on

Opportunity Duplicator

Bulk Opportunities Status Update

Activity ID Status

Opportunity Tools

Email Changer

Activities Colorize

Contacts without Open Activity Lookup

Clear Activity Now Button

ContactLess Companies for Act!

Email Addresses Lookup

Additional Alarm Lead Times

Change the default lookup field

Reschedule Multiple Activities at once!