Do you want to learn how to be amazing at marketing automation and take your business to the next level with Act!?

There has never been a better time to engage your customers and prospects using the data you already have in your Act! database. Marketing Automation is now imbedded in Act! Growth Suite and starting in 2020, all Act! subscriptions will include some level of Marketing Automation.

At the most basic tier which is Professional, you would be looking to send marketing and newsletter emails to your contacts. The campaign dashboard provides detailed feedback on who opened and clicked on your email content.

Have you ever wanted to send a survey or form that the recipients would fill out or could choose options? This is easy to do with Act! Marketing Automation. You can opt to map the results back into Act! fields and you also receive an email with the contact information and results. Additionally, you can set up a web form that will feed contact information directly into your database from your website. Think about how you currently manage Contact Us forms and other product requests generated from your website. This could be automated using Act! Marketing Automation.

The Premier tier includes the Professional level functionality plus the ability to schedule activities/create Opportunities based on the open/click actions taken by the recipient. This is true automation and will give you real time results on every marketing campaign you send out. You may also want the ability to generate an campaign based on a field change in Act. Another huge benefit is the ability to share company collateral like PDFs and videos within the emails and Act! Marketing Automation will keep track of the opens and shares for you.

Keystroke includes 1 hour of getting started training, but honestly, everyone has needed more assistance with the initial setup, creating dynamic groups for different campaign requirements, template creation and managing campaigns using the dashboard results and advanced campaign results lookups on the contact itself.

We are experts with Act! Marketing Automation so can help you navigate the account setup and issue resolution, assist you with the required training to help you feel comfortable creating templates and sending campaigns like a champion! Don’t wait, contact us today and let’s get you automating!